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Transparent administration

For a few years now, transparency has been one of the main guidelines in the development of public administration policies. It is aimed at building a relationship with citizens and users that is increasingly transparent and straightforward, giving each individual a proactive role in managing public affairs.

The transparency obligations pursuant to Legislative Decree 14.3.2013, no. 33, published in the Official Journal n. 80 of 5.4.2013, represent a fundamental tool for public administration to be truly open to citizens, who can thus legitimately double-check its activities.

Transparent public administration means that the activities of government bodies are now carried out “publicly” and not “secretly,” therefore entitling anyone—without distinctions or criteria—to ask for specific information, learn about procedures and have access to documentation.

Therefore, publicity, the “right to know” and access to documents and information are the tools that allow the transparency principle to be complied with. Based on the above, public administration bodies take on a more active role, as well as users, who become responsible for finding the relevant information, thus exercising their power/right to request, access and ask for copies of any administrative documents.


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