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Freedom of reproduction and dissemination

Reproductions of cultural assets and their dissemination for purposes of study, research, free manifestation of thought, creative expression, promotion of the knowledge on cultural heritage are free and do not require any authorisation, on condition that:

  • they are not made for profit, either directly or indirectly
  • no tripods and/or stands or any flash or lighting equipment are used for pictures or footage, and no physical contact is made with the assets portrayed
  • the dissemination does not allow for further reproductions for profit-making purposes, even indirectly.

Normative source: Legislative Decree no. 83 of 31.5.2014, article 12 § 3 (converted into Law no. 106 of 29.7.2014)

Granting of the reproduction authorisation

A specific authorisation is required for all other types of reproduction-pictures, footage or photography. Such authorisation may be granted free of charge or upon payment of a fee, according to the cases provided for by the applicable legislation.


To submit a reproduction application, please read the regulation and fill in the specific form annexed, then send it to the following email address:
specifying the following subject: “Application for reproduction authorisation”

For more information, please call the Art History Office of the Historical Museum and Park of the Miramare Castle at +39 040 224143 extension 202.


Normative sources: Legislative Decree no. 42 of 22 January 2004 (Cultural Heritage Code) as subsequently amended, articles 106-108; Ministerial Decree 20 April 2005, “Guidelines, criteria and methods for the reproduction of cultural heritage, pursuant to Article 107 Legislative Decree of 22 January 2004, no. 42.”


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