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You can now support the Museum and its cultural heritage also as a sponsor.

When they sponsor cultural heritage, private enterprises such as companies, firms, corporations, etc. contribute an amount of money to cover a share of the costs relating to the preservation and management of cultural heritage. Therefore, their name, brand, image, logo or products can be associated to a cultural asset or initiative.

Government bodies may enter into three different types of sponsorship contracts:

  • Technical sponsorship:the intervention is fully or partially planned and implemented by the Sponsor. It may involve paying for works, services or supplies of technical instruments.
  • Pure or financial sponsorship: in this case the Sponsorprovides funds, also by agreement, covering the costs incurred by the government body for procurement contracts.
  • Mixed sponsorship: this is a combination of the above in which, for example, the Sponsormay be responsible for the planning and funding of a project, but the works are to be carried out by a third party.

In terms of tax treatment, sponsorship expenses can be qualified as:

  • advertising or publicity expenses:borne for the implementation of initiatives mainly—though not exclusively—aimed at the public display of products, brands and services, or in any case the direct increase of sales.
  • representation expenses:borne to enhance the prestige and the image of the company and improve its development opportunities, without implying an increase of sales.

The type of treatment is identified on the basis of the goals pursued.

The type of definition also has an impact on deducibility for direct taxation, as advertising expenses are fully deductible, differently from representation expenses.

  • Legislative Decree no. 50 of 18 April 2016 , article 19
  • Legislative Decree n. 42/2004, article 120 – Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code
  • MiBACT of 19 December 2012 – Approval of technical standards and guidelines on the sponsorship of cultural assets and similar or associated cases

To propose sponsorship projects at the Miramare Museum

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