The Stables

The stables of the castle of Miramare, commissioned by Maximilian of Hapsburg, were planned by the engineer Carl Junker and built between 1856 and 1860.

The building is situated in a sheltered space along the access road to the castle coming from Trieste, far enough from the residence.

Consisting of a central body and two perfectly symmetrical wings, it was made for horses and carriages. Between the two world wars, when the castle was inhabited by the Dukes of Savoy-Aosta, the stables underwent a few changes for the first time. Recently restored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, they are now used for temporary exhibitions. In 2018, BIOdiversitario MArino (BioMa), the Immersive Museum of Miramare Protected Area, was opened in one of the two wings.


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